Our Design Process

Over the years, we've had several wonderful designer goldsmiths who have enjoyed creating jewelry that pleases you when it's made and continues to please you throughout your whole life. Currently, Paul does all our custom design. He works in a wide variety of styles: traditional, contemporary, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and his own individual styles. One will be just right for you. Come in or call for a free design consultation.

We use several methods to make our jewelry, but most pieces are cast here in our studio. We use the lost wax casting process which offers you the chance to view your design in wax before it is created in metal. Tell us what you want, and we will work to make your vision a reality.


Cast1 SQSP'14.jpg

In the lost wax casting process, our designer carves a model of your jewelry piece out of blue wax. This photo shows a ring blank and the customer's stone around which the ring will be designed.



Cast2 SQSP'14.jpg

Once the model is carved, you may make changes until the design looks exactly the way you want it to look before we cast it in the metal of your choice. The wax is substantial enough so you can try the ring on with the stone set in place. If you like it in the blue wax, you'll love it in gold, palladium or platinum!


Cast3 SQSP'14.jpg

When the model is exactly what you want, the designer flows wet casting investment around the wax model. After the investment dries, the wax is burned out leaving an exact mold of your piece. Molten metal is forced into the mold. In the cooling process, the mold is destroyed.


Cast4 SQSP'14.jpg

The finishing process includes cleaning and polishing the piece and then setting any gemstones that you had chosen for the design. Your one-of-a-kind piece is ready for you to enjoy!