Win Once! Give Twice!

Ayesha Mayadas's "Wafer Ring," oxidized sterling silver with 7 diamonds.

Win this fabulous everyday ring by Ayesha Mayadas
Give it to the Mother in your life
While giving to The Family Place!

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We at Designer Gold love to promote all kinds of great work in the Upper Valley, especially the many wonderful service organizations.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we want to highlight the extraordinary work of THE FAMILY PLACE in Wilder, Vermont. It’s an amazing resource for families with young children.


Here is where young mothers and fathers can learn positive parenting skills and can work on balancing their jobs with their education all the time manage the raising of a child. Here they can find services for children who have been abused or who are struggling with developmental issues, and where they can be helped to find quality, affordable child care.

Fund raiser at Designer Gold:

To help with these and many other services, Designer Gold has created a fundraiser that we’re calling: “Win Once, Give Twice!” We are donating this oxidized sterling silver ring designed and made by Ayesha Mayadas for Designer Gold. Notice the 7 small diamonds which give it a great sparkle!. This ring regularly retails for $550.00.


Here’s how Our Fund Raiser works:
You donate $20 for each raffle ticket – the total proceeds from this raffle go to The Family Place (your first GIVE). We will draw the winner at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 9. When you WIN, you will have a ring that you can give to the Mother of your choice (your second GIVE).

Come in to Designer Gold from now through May 9 to donate to The Family Place and play our game of chance while supporting children’s services in the Upper Valley.

Win once, Give Twice!

Join OUR Raffle for Mother’s Day
To support The Family Place

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Peggy Sadler