Breadth of Design Expertise

The range of design styles in which Paul can work is truly amazing. He can switch quickly from Art Nouveau to modern designs, from clean-line, Scandinavian-inspiration to Victorian era designs in rings and pins. He often moves from one style to another within the same day.

In the week just before Christmas this year, he designed and handcrafted these three distinctive custom pieces while working on several standard pieces. He consulted with his three customers, getting a real feel for what each one wanted. Then he set about creating. He hand carved wax models of each piece and modified them until he got exactly the right feel. Then he cast and finished each piece.

Paul designed this ring around the customer’s own blue-purple (color change) sapphire, diamonds and gold. In addition, she requested that a pink sapphire be integrated into the ring. We were able to supply exactly the color she wanted. Although the design is asymmetrical, the curves, precious stones, and open spaces create a fine balance.

The commission of this pin was a quotation from the Bible: “I am the vine, you are the branches” (John 15:5). Our loyal customer requested that Paul incorporate rubies and diamonds into the design to complement other pieces Paul has designed and made for him in the past. These precious gems enhance the vine and leaves by bringing the flowers to the forefront.

Named “Dark Matter IV,” Paul created this pendant, the fourth in a series which use Dieter Lorenz’s carved black onyx stones. Although all four are distinctive pieces, they share the sparkle of the drusy onyx (“drusy” is the crystalline form of any mineral, most commonly recognized in the center of geodes). The clean lines in the “v” of the 14 karat yellow gold contrast with the curve in the black onyx.

As I look at these three pieces, I am impressed with Paul’s creativity which allows him to move from one design style to another, quickly and efficiently, yet with a master craftsman’s eye for finishing details . . . and he was able to accomplish all three of these pieces in one busy week!

Peggy Sadler