Last Minute Shopping Guide for Your Valentine

Valentines Day always sneaks up after the holidays. No matter your best intentions to plan ahead, the day always seems far in the distant future, until you wake up: it's Friday, and Valentines Day is only 2 days away! Fear not, we have put together a foolproof last minute Valentines Day shopping guide, guaranteed to surprise and delight your loved one!

Ayesha Mayadas' "Splash Hoops" and "Splash Bangles" in oxidized sterling silver with hammered 14 karat yellow gold are the perfect everyday accessory to dress up any outfit. Each one is individually forged and no two are exactly alike.

Splash bangles

Jayne Redman's work masterfully combines abstract clean lines with graceful organic shapes. Her work conveys both femininity and strength. Each piece is meticulously fabricated and beautifully finished. The Dahlia neckwire and earrings alternate strips of sterling silver with 18 karat yellow gold to create a soft layered look that adds dimension and contrast.

Dahlia Neckwire
Dalia Earrings

Mary Jane Doubleday's elegant jewelry integrates bursts of colorful stones with graceful curves and striking forms. Her whimsical jewelry transforms natural elements into delicately constructed wearable sculptures. Her "Spring Branch" necklace and earring set in sterling silver with pearls, beautifully exhibits her fluid combination of botanical shapes with twisting lines.

Spring branch necklace and earrings

AND we have seven more artists whose work is perfectly suited for this holiday. Here are some intriguing ideas:
*a white gold heart ring with 20 diamonds and 20 entwined hearts by Paul Gross,
*white gold vine band and matching earrings with colored diamonds by Orin Pacht,
*barnacle earrings and necklaces in sterling silver by Louisa Berky,
*a pink sapphire necklace with 22 karat yellow gold handmade clasp by Denise Betesh,
*meteorite rings and necklace by Jacob Albee,
*18 karat gold earrings and pendant with semi-precious gemstones by Michael Stoffel,
*whimsical bracelets and necklaces made of found-objects and typewriter parts by Jeff Georgantes.

Come to Designer Gold in the two days remaining before Valentine's Day and find the perfect gift for your loved one.

Peggy Sadler