Jeweler By Design: Orin Pacht

Save the date for our 4th annual "Jewelry By Design," September 25th, 4:30-8:00 p.m. at Designer Gold. This year we are featuring our own artists and jewelry designers: Louisa Berky, Jeff Georgantes, Ruthie Murray, Orin Pacht and Paul Gross. The show will run from September 25th through October 10th.


Orin Pacht was born and raised in the Upper Valley and is deeply influenced by his connection to this place, land, and people. Orin first began making jewelry at Hanover High under the instruction of Peter Lange. He continued his jewelry education as a bench jeweler at Pearce Jewelers and later joined the team at Designer Gold in 2000. Orin wears many hats at Designer Gold. His time is split between creating his own work, collaborating with customers on commissioned projects and managing all our repairs, often doing many of them himself. If this was not enough, Orin has recently begun teaching classes at the Hanover League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.  


Orin and his son off on one of their adventures

Orin seeks out unusual stones whose lines, colors and shape hint at an untold story. With the stone as the protagonist, Orin deftly weaves a narrative around each stone, completing the story it began.  


Ruby in fuchsite pendant with pink sapphire and chrome green tourmaline accents in 14 karat and 22 karat yellow gold


Orin's Vine collection explores the interplay between repeating and seemingly random patterns, echoing the balance of chaos and order found in nature. Interwoven vines create a texture that adds dimension while pinpricks of light shine through, reflected from multi-colored diamonds.


Vine rings in 18 karat yellow gold (oxidized) and 14 karat white gold with pink, yellow and champagne diamonds


Orin's work is both elegant and whimsical, traditional and contemporary. His collection can be seen as a snapshot of his multifaceted personality, playful and inquisitive, while at other times contemplative and serene.  Orin's work is marked by his superior craftsmanship which effortlessly pairs arresting, bold shapes with subtle details. 


"Cherry Blossom" Pendant/Pin with sonora dendritic jasper, sterling silver, fine silver and garnets

Peggy Sadler