Jeweler By Design: Louisa Berky

Designer Gold would like to announce our 4th annual "Jewelry By Design," September 25, 4:30-8:00 p.m. at Designer Gold. This year we are featuring our own artists and jewelry designers: Louisa Berky, Jeff Georgantes, Ruthie Murray, Orin Pacht and Paul Gross. The exhibit will run from September 25 through October 10.




Louisa Berky is the newest addition to the Designer Gold team. She moved to Hanover just over a year ago from Denver, Colorado with her boyfriend, who is an anesthesia resident at Dartmouth Hitchcock.

Louisa's interest in jewelry was sparked her senior year of college at Williams College in Williamstown, MA, when she took a metal sculpture class. She was immediately drawn to visualizing and constructing objects in three dimensions and also the permanence of working in metal. Upon graduating college, Louisa moved back to Colorado and started taking jewelry classes at the Clear Creek Academy in Denver, CO. She spent 5 years soaking up all there was to learn, while also apprenticing with Kathy Pritchett the owner of the school. 

Louisa's work is closely aligned with the natural environment. Many of her pieces originate with a flower or dried leaf that she then transcribes into wax. The pendant below was formed using thin sheets of wax to emulate the shape and curve of the flower's petals. The wax original was then cast into sterling silver, resulting in a work that is both bold and delicate, complex and elegant. 

Dancing Lily necklace in sterling silver with Czech glass beads 

Louisa also makes use of natural material as a tool in the crafting process, as evidence in her leaf or ocean collection. In the case of the leaf print bracelets (pictured below), the surface of the silver is imprinted with the skeletal structure of a leaf, creating a unique pattern of interwoven lines.


Leaf print stretch bracelets in sterling silver and Czech glass beads


The barnacle earrings (pictured below) embrace the ocean as muse to exalt and make precious what is often overlooked. The earrings are created by molding barnacles attached to oyster shells collected on the banks of the Olympic Peninsula outside of Seattle, WA. The silver earrings are oxidized and finished with a brush texture, calling to mind those salt encrusted treasures found walking along the beach. 


Barnacle earrings in sterling silver


For more information about Louisa or to view of her work, please visit her website at:

Peggy Sadler