Jeweler by Design: Paul Gross

Save the date for our 4th annual "Jewelry By Design," September 25th, 4:30-8:00 p.m. at Designer Gold. This year we are featuring our own artists and jewelry designers: Louisa Berky, Jeff Georgantes, Ruthie Murray, Orin Pacht and Paul Gross. The show will run from September 25th through October 10th. 

Paul in one of his favorite sports: rowing, here in a quadruple scull at Masters National Championships, 2015.


Born in Cleveland, Paul Gross grew up in Bennington and St. Albans, Vermont. Paul's interest in jewelry was sparked as an undergrad at Dartmouth College. Paul was drawn to Dartmouth for the hunting and skiing, but found himself spending much of his free time at the Hopkins Center student jewelry workshop learning jewelry and silversmithing techniques from Erling Heistad.

Upon graduating from Dartmouth, Paul followed this passion for jewelry to Chicago where he worked for the Goldsmith, Ltd. It was in Chicago that Paul learned to created high quality jewelry in a professional atmosphere. After a year in Chicago, Paul moved back to Hanover to teach jewelry at the Hopkins Center. It didn't take long for Paul to open his first jewelry studio in 1977 in Hanover with fellow jeweler, Diane Egbert. Diane later moved to the Southwest and in 1990 Paul relocated his studio to the Hanover Park building and expanded his business to include a gallery of other designers' jewelry. 

Paul strives for timeless, wearable jewelry. His love of gemstones, especially unusual ones, is evident in his inventive settings that serve to showcase the stone and effortlessly integrate it into the finished piece. 


 Amazing Pendant, 14 karat white gold, 77.3 carat aquamarine and fresh water pearl.


Much of Paul's work is inspired by a collaboration with our clients. His many years working as a jeweler has led to an extensive knowledge of gemstones and a mastery of the art and craft of jewelry. This proficiency allows him to balance the tastes and desires of our customers while keeping in mind the intended use and wearability of each piece. An avid outdoorsman himself, Paul appreciates and takes into account the necessity of creating timeless pieces that will stand up to the active lifestyles of our customers. 

                                                                   18 karat yellow gold, blue sapphire and diamond ring 

Many of Paul's ring designs make use of interwoven lines and angles to create an elaborate interplay of light and shape. His pendants often draw upon natural influences, either by contrasting the rough-hewn texture of a stone with the smooth iridescent surface of an opal or capturing each flower petal in delicate detail.  

                                                        14 karat yellow gold, 22 karat gold bezel with a Boulder opal pendant

Paul's unique and identifiable style results in jewelry that easily fits into everyday wear, but adds grace and elegance through unexpected details and refined craftsmanship. 

Come say hello to Paul and see his beautiful work first hand Friday, September 25th as part or our "Jewelry By Design" reception.


Peggy Sadler