Designer Gold Underwrites Opera North

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Designer Gold is proud to announce that we are underwriting the Opening Night of Wolfgang Mozart's "The Abduction from the Seraglio," August 7, 2015, at the Lebanon Opera House. It is Opera North's third production this summer.

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Set in eighteenth century Turkey, Belmonte, a Spanish nobleman, and Konstanze, the love of his life, are separated by pirates. Believing that Konstanze has been sold as a slave, he tracks her to the Pasha's estate where she indeed is being held. It turns out that the Pasha is in love with Konstanze, and having thought she had lost Belmonte forever, she returns the Pasha's love.

 When Belmonte appears and tells her of his plan for her escape, she struggles with her feelings, finally choosing to escape with Belmonte. Unfortunately they are caught, and the Pasha and his man prepare torture as their punishment. There is more to this story, however. Not all operas end in long suffering deaths for the hero and heroine. After some interesting twists and turns, they are released by the forgiveness of the Pasha who decides that he cannot repay ill with ill and who continues to love Konstanze.


Mozart wrote this opera in 1782 when he was 26 years old. It had been commissioned by the Emperor Joseph II, who was reputed to have said "Too many notes! Just cut a few and it will be perfect." Indeed there were many more notes than Mozart's earlier works. This opera was quite different from other operas at the time as well. All things Turkish were very much in vogue in Germany at this time -- hence Mozart's setting this opera in a Turkish harem and adding extra percussion reminiscent of the military Janissary bands of Turkey. In addition, Mozart interwove his arias and solos with spoken parts from the libretto. Because of his great musical talent, he raised up the "singspiel" form from the traditional light plays with songs into serious opera.

Join us in enjoying Opera North's wonderful professional operas this summer -- and especially come see The Abduction from the Seraglio. You will thoroughly enjoy the fabulous voices of the entire cast including Isaac Hurtado as Belmonte and Alexandra Batsios as Konstanze.

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Peggy Sadler