DENISE BETESH, Santa Fe, New Mexico

22 and 20 karat gold rings with sapphires -- click on photos to enlarge

Denise Betesh's first installment of beautiful handmade 22 karat gold earrings . . . pendants with precious gemstones . . . rings set with diamonds and sapphires . . . and a handmade neck chain is here! The richness of her 22 karat gold shines through her lightly textured pieces.

Necklaces of handmade chains and sapphire beads with pendants of aquamarine, diamonds, sapphire and pearl

Denise lives in Taos, New Mexico, and works in her studio in Santa Fe. We met her in February at the American Craft Council Baltimore Show. For years, Paul has been aware of her gorgeous jewelry, and now you can see her wonderful pieces for yourself and learn about her intricate and painstaking method of creating these rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Handmade chain, starting with a granule of 22 karat gold and adding pieces to make links and then adding jump rings to connect links

Three very important things to keep in mind when viewing Denise's jewelry:
First, it is simply beautiful and extremely wearable.
Second, it is all made by hand by Denise in her studio, including the chains and the catches on her bracelets and necklaces.
Third, it is primarily done with granulation* and fusing*. These old-world techniques, which are difficult to master, allow her to create a unique and contemporary look.

What this says to us is that her gold work is not only gorgeous to look at, but it is secure and timeless. Her pieces will hold up for years and years.


Come into the Gallery at Designer Gold and see Denise's spectacular jewelry.


*Denise describes her granulation and fusing techniques on her website: "When starting a new piece, the gold is milled and drawn, either to form a design or accommodate a gemstone. Tiny granules of gold are then individually fused onto the surface of the metal without solder. This delicate and detailed process, called ‘granulation’, was refined by the Etruscans, and has been used since the third millennium BC by the goldsmith’s of the eastern Mediterranean regions.

Peggy Sadler