Just in Time for Mother's Day!

What a wonderful Mother's Day Necklace: We call it the "Family Necklace" made up of several "wafer pendants" with birthstones strung together on a chain. You can carry your loved ones next to your heart in a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry. 

In this sample necklace, the birthstones are Peridot for August on the left, Aquamarine for March, and Citrine for November on the right, all in 14 Karat yellow gold. And today Paul is working on a  14 Karat white gold and diamond wafer like this one for an April birthday.

Making the wafer pendants is not new to Paul. The new thing is that these are calibrated to fit together beautifully. Each necklace is made specifically for a particular individual.

For example, you can decide what stones and what precious metal you would like: yellow gold, white gold, palladium or platinum. Then we'll get stones in for you to look at and choose. Paul will cast the individual pendants in our Hanover studio, clean up and polish the pendants, set the stones, and then fit them onto a compatible chain. There you have it! A beautiful heirloom, handmade just for you.

. . . and all of this in time for Mothers' Day -- if you come in very soon.


AND Birthstone Stud Earrings!

     Just a few of our birthstone stud earrings

Always a favorite for Mothers' Day: sparkly birthstone stud earrings. Great to wear on their own and wonderful to wear with earring jackets. We have earrings ready to go for every month of the year. Other birthstone jewelry in the Gallery includes rings, necklaces and other styles of earrings. Come in and see our generous collection.

Peggy Sadler