Did You Get Your Fine Jewelry Repaired?

What a success our Jewelry Repair Week was! Many people brought in jewelry repairs and pieces to be cleaned. The first week of Spring is the perfect time to Spring Clean your Jewelry Box. We were thrilled, and we turned most of the repairs around in one week! Good for you, good for us!

Orin and Jeff and Louisa got everything finished that was promised for Saturday the 28th, and they continue to work on a few pieces that came in after the deadline.

If you didn't bring in your repairs, don't worry, we're always ready to do repairs. We were delighted that so many people saw our ads and that most people did not bring in costume jewelry; we really can't repair that.

We are pleased to say that we are committed to turning around regular repairs within two weeks unless there are special circumstances. We'll explain why these will take a little longer, and then we'll commit ourselves to a deadline. All our repairs are done in-house.

So, always remember that our excellent goldsmiths are happy to check, clean and repair your fine jewelry right here in our Hanover studio.


Peggy Sadler