What Blew in With the Autumn Wind

The weather has turned cooler, and it's a
great time to be out and about.

During one of your trips to Hanover
stop by Designer Gold to see what the
Autumn wind has brought in.

Fall colored sapphires, September Birthstones

Fall colored sapphires, September Birthstones

   This week we would like to thank you for your interest the the Recycled Jewelry Show.  We have taken down what few pieces were left and sent them back to Jeff Georgantes.  Jeff will send the pieces back to The Ethical Metalsmiths who greatly appreciate your donations.

     Last week, we put together a display of discontinued items.  All of the pieces in this case are marked down 30% from their original price.  Once these pieces are gone, they are gone for good, so stop in early for the best selection.  Start thinking Holiday shopping! Oops.. we just sold two more, but here are a few of the ones we still have

Many of our current artists have also added new pieces to their collections on display.  In the following weeks we will be letting you preview some of these collections on our blog but... if you just can't wait, stop on by.


Peggy Sadler