The WISE Jar

Last week, Edith Walsh brought us a note from WISE (Women's Information Services of the Upper Valley):

"It always puts a smile on our faces here at WISE when we receive the 'cleaning' donations from the jar in the store. For many years now, amidst the beautiful jewelry in your store, there on the counter, is the WISE jar. A jar that fills up a few times over the year from donations customers drop in the jar when you tell them that the jewelry cleaning is 'on us and would you consider supporting WISE.'


"This gesture, and the money in the Jar, has raised thousands of dollars for WISE over the years. The dollars and cents in the jar have definitely added up--to over $2,784.00. The donations support WISE's 24-hour crisis line, ongoing advocacy services and its prevention and education programs. And perhaps as important, this gesture and the 'jar' have raised much needed awareness of domestic and sexual violence as community issues."

We at Designer Gold were thrilled to hear that the "WISE Jar" has raised so much money -- a dollar or two at a time. We have had the WISE Jar on our counter for many years, something that Paul wanted to do when he first heard of the amazing work that WISE does in our community, saving lives, helping suffering women put their lives back together, and raising awareness of the domestic violence in our community and throughout the country.

We are especially supportive of WISE because this organization opened its doors to Paul, inviting him to be the first man to serve on their Board of Directors, an invitation that he was glad to accept. He worked hard on the board and felt that the work he was doing was extremely worthwhile, work he believed in and work that he was proud to have been able to do.

Thank you, WISE, Edith, and Peggy O'Neil for going back through your donation records and ferreting out this number. We are happy to keep the WISE Jar on our counter for years to come.


Peggy Sadler