Jim Cotter

We've been having a busy summer here at Designer Gold. Our "Radical Jewelry Makeover" show and sale of recycled jewelry seems to have set quite a trend -- at least here in the Upper Valley. We appreciate your support of Ethical Metalsmiths and hope that folks in the Upper Valley, and those of you checking in from around the nation, continue to support those venues who use untainted gold. We had a great time meeting all the new faces that have stopped by to support the cause. Many of the one-of-a-kind pieces have sold. We would love to have you stop by in the next few weeks if you have not had a chance to earlier.

We also had a wonderful time at Hanover's Sidewalk sale this year. The Upper Valley Haven thanks all of you for your purchase of Harriet Hemenway’s sterling silver rings, total proceeds to benefit The Haven.



Jim Cotter:

nationally known goldsmith from Vail, Colorado, is coming to Hanover. He is this summer's visiting artist at the Claflin Jewelry Studio in the Hopkins Center, Dartmouth



And on August 8th we will bring Jim  Cotter’s original works to Designer Gold. Here’s a man who finds art and beauty in everything he sees.

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A pioneer of alternative materials since the 1970s, Jim Cotter’s work consists of creating images from a variety of materials not normally associated with jewelry, such as steel, concrete, rocks, and sought-after everyday objects.* 

By combining non-precious materials with precious materials, used to create intimate jewelry objects, he seeks to challenge notions and assumptions of how jewelry is perceived and what jewelry can be.*

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Jim's revolutionary thought that all that glitters need not be gold or even diamonds is expressed beautifully in his ground-breaking work. And his influence can be seen everywhere.

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Jim begins his Hanover visit on August 8 with a student workshop from 3-5 p.m. in the Claflin Jewelry Studio in the Hopkins Center, followed by a FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC slide/lecture on his work and career in 219 Wilson Hall, from 6-7 p.m.

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After the lecture, Jim will go to Designer Gold where many of his pieces will be on exhibit. Please come to Designer Gold from 7:30-8:30 to talk with Jim and view a collection of his work. The lecture at Dartmouth and the reception at Designer Gold are both FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.


Jim's work will be on display at Designer Gold through the month of August.




*From the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts biography of Jim Cotter, Metals Instructor in Session 5 this summer.

Peggy Sadler