Radical Jewelry Makeover Comes to DG


          PEOPLE from all over the Upper Valley donated unwanted jewelry to Ethical Metalsmiths.


ARTISTS from all over the country "mined" through these Precious Pieces to create new works of wearable art. 

Earrings by Paul Gross

Pieces range from wildly exotic to classically elegant.

Brooch by Alicia Jane Boswell

Light refreshments will be served on Saturday, so stop by to see these one of a kind pieces.

NOW we need your help in supporting Ethical Metalsmiths by purchasing these "gems."

"Splash" by Kerstin Nichols

For a limited time, this recycled jewelry will be on display and for sale at Designer Gold.

Pendant by Paul Gross


OPENS JUNE 21 (Preview June 20th)

Ethical Metalsmiths sponsors Radical Jewelry Makeovers all around the country. Here is their explanation of how the process worked in the Upper Valley:

This past spring we asked the public to "mine" their homes, "uncovering" unwanted jewelry. These "miners" deposited their "lodes" of outdated, broken, or unloved jewelry made from all types of materials ranging from gold and silver to plastic, plated metal, wood, shell, and beads to the Dartmouth College jewelry studio. This collection of jewelry was spread out on several tables and students, local jewelry artists, and community members "mined" it for pieces they could use to make new jewelry. Packets of fine jewelry were sent to professional artists out of the area.

Volunteer jewelers and professional artists working at participating institutions and studios reconstructed and transformed this donated material into exciting new jewelry designs. The community members may or may not have had jewelry making experience -- but they flocked to the workshops that were set up at the Claflin Jewelry Studio in the basement of Hopkins Center. Local professional jewelry artists also selected parts and pieces of the donated jewelry to transform into new jewelry. All of the jewelry makers had some kind of a Dartmouth connection.

Here are the pieces Paul "mined" from the donated jewelry and beside them a pendant and a pair of earrings that he made from the material (click on the images to enlarge):

Your purchases go towards helping Ethical Metalsmiths with their mission of raising awareness and finding solutions to unsafe and environmentally harmful gold mining practices. To learn more, go to their web site.


Peggy Sadler