Louisa Berky -- Flower Designs in Silver

Louisa Berky is our newest staff member, coming to Designer Gold this summer from Denver, Colorado. She's no stranger to New England, however, having attended high school and college in Massachusetts. After graduation from Williams College, where she got her first taste of jewelry making, she returned home to Colorado. There she found the Clear Creek Academy of Jewelry and Metal Arts and began developing her unique style of floral and ocean jewelry.

Hawaiian Daisy Wrap Bracelet on semi-precious stone band

Working primarily in sterling silver, Louisa makes wax models of her flowers and leaf clusters, molding the soft wax with her fingers. Once the flowers or leaves look exactly the way she wants them, she casts them using the lost wax casting process. 

Barnacle Pendant on Czech Glass Necklace.

Louisa's "ocean" jewelry is represented by barnacles. These she casts directly from the actual barnacles, making them very life-like.


Barnacle post Earrings




Notice how life like these barnacle earrngs look




Recently, she has begun to work in hard wax, carving the wax into shapes using dental tools and Xacto knives. Can't wait to show you her new work in the new year!!!

We are so pleased to have a fine exhibit of Louisa's necklaces, pendants and earrings in the Gallery at Designer Gold. Come see her work.

Peggy Sadler