November Birthstones: Citrine & Topaz

     The leaves are gone and the snow has yet to cover the landscape. Thoughts of sitting by a roaring fire are in everyone's mind.  When the gemalogical society was thinking about November's birthstone, it was right there with you. The CITRINE is a wonderfully warm stone resembling captured sunlight or a bright fire.    

Citrine's name is actually derived from an old French word meaning lemon. Because the "lemon quartz" is rare in nature it does not have a lot of myths surrounding it.  The Romans were thought to be the first civilization to use polished unfaceted citrine in jewelry.

The citrine is actually a quartz stone like the amethyst.  In fact some of the natural citrines are thought to be amethysts whose color changed to a pale yellow after being exposed to the heat from adjacent molten rock.  Many citrines are found in Bolivia, Brazil and Spain.


TOPAZ is usually thought to be the traditional birthstone for November -- topaz in its varied shades of brown. The most popular of these is called Imperial Topaz like the one pictured here to the right. Occasionally, now, people who don't wear browns and yellows are happy to choose blue topaz as their November birthstone. And there are many other colors of topaz. According to the American Gemological Society: Topaz can be "yellow, pink, purple, orange, and the many popular blue tones."

The citrine is believed to be a healing quartz, it is thought to bring the wearer wealth and abundance, and increases vitality and energy.  It has also been used to protect wearers from negative energy and to increase their self esteem. 


Regardless of your choice of birthstones, we invite you to stop by to see what we have made up or what we can make up for you in beautiful citrines or topazes of different colors.

Peggy Sadler